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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

We all have that one memory that always makes us smile. It may be the first cry of your child, the first kiss of love, the old school corridor or even the slight pat on your shoulder. A year back I found mine. Montu, a stray dog who was over pampered or rather spoiled by a local chai wali made me realize something that we all have somehow repressed…

Since always I have felt an unknown special bond with dogs. It is the kind of love that can never be explained. Maybe it is their playfulness, big hearts or just their super cute faces I don’t know?! but it just exists.

People had a lot of things to say against Montu. He was the spoiled brat. We were feeding dogs at random when I heard someone gabble how Montu barks at people and did not let anyone come near him. Amidst all the chaos and attempts of different dog lovers trying to feed Montu I saw him run towards a lady who very easily hugged him and gave him treats. I guess Montu probably was showing off his “skills” on how he only wants him to be around her. How nobody other than that lady matters to him. How he blindly trusts her. That is amour, love.

You can’t define it, you can’t rationalize it, you can’t buy it, you can’t reason it, you don’t even need to say it out loud it is just there in each one of us. It is there in the morning tea, in the fresh breeze, in that rain drop, in the hot chapatis and the chocolate ice cream. Love can be anywhere that’s why if we close our eyes we can visualize our one special happy memory called love.

So, with my first attempt to jabber something on my blog I hope I made at least one of you smile and think about that one memory of love.

Next time when you feel low close your eyes and just spread amour.

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