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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

“And then she says goodbye to the agony in despair… She succumbs to the ruthless irony that life became… She felt she was finally set free… But, instead was caged forever….”


The other day we were shooting for a promotional video in a slum. As a part of it I asked Pinky (girl in the picture) if she dreamed of having a big car in future. She refused and seemed to be content living in a one bedroom chaul with 6 other people. It made me wonder if the mainstream clarification of the word success actually holds true or is just the reflection of the lie we live today called ‘lifestyles.’

So, what exactly is this success we spend all our lives cribbing for? Is Pinky more successful than most of us? If no then why are many traditionally successful people less happy than her?

This rugged quest throws many of us in a state of depression. We all end up muddled and finally drown in the whirlpool we call life.

Depression is a disease, a wide spreading epidemic. It’s symptoms are insomnia, loss of appetite, aggression and so on. Ironically, it is one disease which can be caused by ample number of people but will be cured only with self belief.

The social taboo that this disease has become is even more frustrating. Nobody wants to accept the one in pain as a patient and help them heal. Our world readily welcomes tricks like tarot card reading and astrology but the study of human psychology is modern voodoo.

A person suffering from depression somehow develops a tendency towards it since the very beginning. You can’t confine it to an age group. The most normal looking person could be stung by it.

I want to write this on my blog to urge everyone to help such people. The cure for depression is in complete transformation which is tough. Very often people who are suffering from it develop an unwanted tendency to never get out of it. They somehow then start loving the attention they get while they are low. Hence, first thing to keep in mind is never sympathize. Talk and encourage them to change the way they look at life. Such people do need your love but will never be cured if the behavior or tendency is encouraged. It can worsen when you try to explain  in detail the “flaws” that they behold. So, the very narrow stream of being supportive and loving to such people is what you can do.

By the end, it is all in our head. People suffering from depression can only be given hope for a better tomorrow rest all the hard work lies in their own will and urge to be happy.

“Success is nothing but happiness and happiness is a choice.”

If Pinky can choose to be happy and content given her condition then so can most of us. Whatever be the circumstances, when we decide to be happy we will end up spending the most blessed life ever.

P.S. I know I don’t have a major in psychology but, things you learn out of personal experiences are much more valuable. 😉

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