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Mathematics of the universe

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

As it snowed all around me out in the fresh air, I felt like I was experiencing heaven on earth.

Mathematics and Science can reveal the existence of our potential

2nd of January, 2021 while running, I started to “think” or instead received the communication about the understanding of mathematics and the universe. In January 2020, I came across a research paper called ‘learnability can be undecidable’. This paper spoke about the confined and limited understanding of mathematics. We conceive mathematics and science as a combination of formulas and theorems. But, the original approach towards science and mathematics was never so finite and confined. Albert Einstein always spoke about physics and mathematics as the study of nature and the surroundings. He was curious about light and everything that encompasses us. Not just him, think of any researcher or physicist and how they reached these formulas that we now “use” or “apply”. They did not study or learn what they read but in fact, tried to question and understand what was around them. Coming to mathematics, I thought what do zero and infinity signify, and do we even concede the power or value of these numbers? Like physics, mathematics isn’t just the “knowledge” of the formulas but, the understanding of how the universe functions. Or instead, what is the nature of the universe? As I look back at my life now, it has started to make a lot of sense. I always loved science and have had a curious mind eager to learn more about our existence, and now as I begin to embrace the spiritual realms, I feel that these two are just the same worlds.

The perception of the numbers zero and infinity is the same as the recognition of our existence. The deeper you feel the presence of the concepts of zero and infinity, the deeper would you be able to realize the power and potential that you withhold in your hands.

Zero means the complete absence of anything or the state of nothingness, while infinity implies the existence of everything or limitless and unbounded. Hence, the complete lack of zero is infinity and vice versa. Mathematically, these two numbers are the reciprocals of each other.

Now let’s bring our attention to the feeling or the visualization parts of these two numbers. Visualize complete nothingness or oblivion, the absenteeism of everything and anything at all. Difficult right? Because no matter how small in terms of space, existence or matter we try to visualize, the realization or feeling of the complete nonexistence of something seems highly dubious.

Similarly, now try visualizing the existence of infinity, something beyond your imagination, and then beyond any vision that you can ever have. These two numbers are us, our actuality, our universes, the humanity, the space-time existence and the possibilities and deficiency of any limits. Both these numbers exist because of each other and form the complete cosmos by creating the perfect balance of yin and yang.

In a way, these two numbers are the same and not just reciprocals of each other. Their presence is relative to the point of observation, just like the 3D reality where we experience human life. Our world, opinions and everything is just a relative reality; nothing around us is absolute ever.

The more you think about and understand the relationship between these two numbers; the more will you then be able to unravel the cosmos’ mysteries.

Just as most people imprison mathematics in mere calculations or formulas without having the vision to embrace the unbounded reality of it, the majority of humanity similarly fails to understand their unconditional nature and power.

Though these visions seem beyond the human mind’s capability, we must not forget that they exist because some humans created these concepts. And therefore, the awareness of these two numbers is within reach of every single soul on earth. Hence, so is the ability to embody our truth. We all are the source, the universe, the creators of all, we all are the God that we seek outside. God is love, and love is God and all in unconditional.

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