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Power of Madness

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

“Blossom my little seedling, Bloom into the flower that you are…”

In the year of 1879 a half Jewish child was born in Germany.

A rebel, away from the social tactics and stereotypes, he created his own beautiful little land of dreams…

The way he looked at the world, his optique was far away from ours’. No he was not from some land down under,he was just an ordinary child with an extra ordinary


“Sir Albert Einstein”

Einstein was allegedly “slow.” But, he says that was one of the prime reasons why he became who he was…

“Most people grow up at the right time and stop believing in the magic around. According to Einstein, the fact that he took time to develop as a child made him look around and still believe…”

So, technically his brain was not “normal.”

He was the patron saint of distracted schoolkids everywhere.

His parents like most of ours wanted their child to be normal and would force him to go to school and follow rules. But, the storm of a child that Einstein was he did

not want to be the slave of the trend.

This attitude and stature made him discover the astonishing and mind boggling theories such as the ‘theory of relativity’ and ‘the gravitational waves.’

However, it’s a less known fact that Einstein was dyslexic and was detected to be schizophrenic later in his life.

When he was 5 years old, his father brought him a compass. He wondered if there is some force pulling the needle inside. The small compass then became the beginning

of the unstoppable brilliance that he was…

A few years back, I came across a quote, “There is no genius without a hint of madness” and Einstein is evident of the fact that the saying in fact holds true.

Many of history’s most celebrated creative geniuses were in fact “mentally ill” or “crazy” , John Nash was paranoid schizophrenic even Sir Isaac Newton was bipolar.

Studies show that people who are bipolar exhibit great creativity when coming out of depression. The reason behind this great irony is that the acclaimed genius’

are able to entertain contradictory ideas and become aware of loose associations that most people’s unconscious brains wouldn’t consider worthy of sending. While

the invasion of non sense can be disruptive it can be quite creative too…

An article published in some journal proposed the notion of ‘tortured geniuses’ but, I propose the notion of the “Science and power of madness.”

“Great things come to those who believe”

I feel we all do have beliefs but not all of them are our own. Most of us have become part of the herd that stops the

genius inside us from blooming.

Ironically, we all spend our lives trying to be “normal”, trying to “fit in”, following every haywire of the community.

The rules of what to do, how to do, and of course the long long list of “what not to do.”

So, I say let’s all come out of our cocoons for once and breathe the freshness of the freedom of our spirits.

Be a little crazy, do what your heart tells you to do, think out of the box and set the genius in you FREE… 🙂

P.S- If you are already a little eccentric then I say AWESOME! you are a legend in coming and if not then be crazy starting from today, that’s when you will believe

in yourself and the world around…

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