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The discovery of true love

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Love is the only truth that we all seek in this mysterious world. We all are children longing and waiting for a love that comes without any games and conditions in life. This love is the eternal truth. We all view love from different lenses, depending on the stages of the evolution of our souls. The polarized viewpoint for the world that labels people, things and objects as 'good' or 'bad' come from the lesser evolved 3 D consciousness. We all begin our lives with a refined state of love and an authentic essence close to heart space. However, with time and social conditioning, we get stuck in the web of societal standards. But, this need to get validation from society is just the first stage of soliciting love. Looking at my life, I discovered these four stages that we all go through. These stages do not circumscribe to a single lifetime but, can be spread across many lifetimes.

Moses saw goodness supremely as justice, Plato essentially as wisdom, and Jesus centrally as love; yet they all agreed that virtue, however understood, was consistently undermined by something in human nature which was at war with something else. - Thomas A. Harris (I'm ok you're ok)

The longevity of the discovery of love is in no way a parameter for someone being better than the rest but, is a beautiful discovery of the soul which every one will realize at the right time.

Stage 1: Seeking love in the outside world

Love, in its true essence, is unconditional. However, with social conditioning, we begin to fall into the trap of putting conditions for everything we love. We say to our children that they are "good" only when they listen to us, finish their homework, eat their veggies and punish them for being "bad". Then we send these innocent and pure souls to schools where we teach them how only when they get good grades will they have a fantastic future. We put conditions after conditions and term this way of living as usual. We normalize the conditioned love to the extent that we suppress all