Who Am I?

Hey There! I am Tanvi, I am 29 years old and after spending my life in chronic depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, my failed attempt to suicide forced me to change who I am...

I started practising spirituality and tried healing myself with MTHS (Merling Trinity Healing System) energies which is a healing modality. 

When I started to heal myself from the trauma, I wasn't aware of what I was stepping into. But, my spiritual awakening has shown me that there is a possibility to live without any fear. There is a possibility to live in alignment with your soul's true purpose on this earth. There is a way to live without stress and discover your 'happily ever after'.

Prior to my awakening, I did my undergraduate degree in physics from Miranda House, Delhi University and post graduate in Electronics from Vellore Institute of Technology. 

I started working in the field of computer science when I decided to pursue another master degree in Computer Science from Germany.

Life is gloriously unpredictable and the universe is always driving us to the direction of our Dharma (purpose of life), I never knew that the real reason behind me going to Germany was much beyond growth in the corporate life. 

I have been reading tarot cards since 12 years of age and spreading mental health awareness campaigns with the organisation called 'Juvenile Care' since 2014.

The universe is always working for us and calling us to follow our Dharma.

 I believe that we all are spiritual beings however, most of us are not consciously spiritual and are unaware of our own magical abilities. 

I wish to spread the message of oneness and help people unleash the powers they hold within them.